Investing in Farmland – Farmland Investment Portfolio

Since 2009, we have inspected and conducted due diligence on over 100 farms across Australia. This has resulted in the purchase of 33 farms with a net value of approx. $100 million AUD. Miller & James manages the leases of this portfolio and keeps investors updated with regular reports.

Farmland Investment Vehicles

The majority of the farms have been purchased through various investment vehicles specially designed to suit both the investment and the investors. The shareholders of these vehicles are mainly high net worth individuals.  We have also purchased farms for family offices, meeting specific requirements.

Lease Farmland Styles, Cattle & Crop

The farms vary from all cropping, mixed farms and cattle stations. We have invested in NSW, QLD and Western Australia. All but one of these farms are leased to tenants providing steady returns to the investors.

Farmland Returns & Yields

Although we generally believe in long term investment horizons when purchasing farms, sometimes selling opportunities present themselves that are too good to refuse. Recently, we have sold three farms achieving capital gains ranging from 65% to 105%.

Farmland Newsletter