Farmland investment expertise

Angus McLaren, Managing Director of Miller & James is a fourth-generation farmer. He still manages the 4,000-hectare family farm together with his wife and several contractors.  Angus not only looks at a farm through the eyes of a real estate agent, but with the mindset of a real life farmer.

Farmland Team Expertise

He has been co-owner of Miller & James since 2009.  Over the last decade he has visited hundreds of farms and assessed them on their merits for buyers and sellers. He has a sharp eye for all the factors, which influence the value of a farm, primarily being soil quality, rainfall, and to a lesser extent the quality of infrastructure.

Farmland within Australia

In search of farms for our international investor base he has travelled all states of Australia. Besides our home region of NSW, we have purchased farms in QLD and WA for investors. We are familiar with the specific challenges, advantages and disadvantages of various regions across Australia. Over the years we have built up a network of agronomists and real estate agents who keep us informed of any potential investment opportunities in their area. 

Preferred Farmland

We prefer farmland with as little infrastructure as possible. Expensive houses or other valuable infrastructure rarely offers value for a potential tenant and is expensive to maintain. The farmland is the ultimate asset, appreciating in value over the year’s slowly but surely. 

Farmland International Investors

International investors have special requirements. They need to make decisions regarding the optimal legal structure through which to hold the investment. They might need to make an application to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), which is necessary for investments in farmland above $ 15 million. There are also certain tax considerations which can affect the net return.

Global Farmland Clientele

Over the past 10 years, dealing with investors from across the globe, we have encountered most of these questions. We are able to help navigate new investors through the regulatory framework ensuring their investment is both compliant and profitable.

Farmland Investment Funds

Some of our investment funds have been operating for close to a decade. We can provide performance data which is impressive and beats most of our competitors. Our low cost and fee structure is one of the reasons why net performance to the investor has outperformed the broader market.

Farmland Newsletter