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Unfortunately, dry conditions continue to linger throughout Australia and rural Australia continues to struggle somewhat.

If you look at the graph below you will see the official Bureau of Met forecast for July. It is predicting below average rainfall for most of the WA wheatbelt. This is of concern and we will have to see how this plays out.

After a very dry summer and Autumn in WA, there has been some excellent rain across WA throughout June. Perth is on track to have one of it’s wettest June’s on record. We know WA traditionally has wet winters and dry summers, so we would expect with a reasonable level of confidence there will be at least some rain over the next three months.  Last year WA farmers recorded one of their best years on record. A combination of good winter rainfall, high grain, wool and sheep prices meant budgets were well and truly beaten.

All of our farms across Southern WA have now had rain and the crops are now growing. Most of our tenants dry planted their crops in May before the rain. This is now common practice across the cropping belt.

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