Buy farmland in Australia – Farmland Investment Opportunities for foreigners

Questions – Farmland Investment Opportunities

Farmland Investment Opportunities for Foreign Citizens in Australia:

  1. Can foreigner citizen buy land in Australia?
  2. What are the prices per acre near (up to 100 km radius) Brisbane or Adelaide?
  3. What is minimum acres of land can foreigner buy, and will be allowed see property before deal?
  4. Will Australian authorities levy any taxes at the time of buying or selling of farm by foreigners?
  5. What are the visa requirements

Answers – Farmland Investment Opportunities

  1. A Foreign citizen can buy Australian farmland. Any individual can purchase up to $15 million AUD worth of farmland. Once an individual has $15 million AUD worth of farmland they need to get Foreign Investment Review Board approval before purchasing more country (see link)
  2. Prices near capital cities are expensive. They are not priced on production, rather, they are priced on real estate values. We do not operate in these areas.
  3. We would suggest a minimum of $3 million AUD to make the investment worthwhile and to dilute the admin costs. We have set up several companies which have approx. 10 shareholders who pool their resources to get to this higher figure. Generally we would suggest $5 million to $10 million AUD would be a good starting point.
  4. When you purchase land you have to pay stamp duty which is generally around 4%. Also, when you sell, you may be liable for capital gain tax
  5. There are no visa requirements.
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