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Located in the highly productive south west slopes region of NSW, Australia, Miller and James Real Estate Pty Ltd is a boutique real estate and property management company offering farm acquisition and management services to local and international investors.

Angus McLaren

Head of Acquisitions and Portfolio Management

Responsible for the management of all farm assets in the farm portfolios, performance of valuation analysis and due diligence during property acquisitions, deal sourcing and negotiating acquisition terms, tenant sourcing and ongoing relationship management.

Daniel Köppel

Head Of Marketing

Responsible for international client services, marketing, counseling on farm holding structures and relationship management as well as strategic planning.

Miller and James Real Estate – Expertise In Farm Management

The Miller and James Rural Property Management Team take a ‘hands on’ approach to managing farms for their international and local clients. With over seventy years combined practical farming experience between them, the team understand farming back to front.

70Years of combined farming experience
10% and better historic return (yield plus capital gain)
7States across Australia to purchase farms
50Farms under management

Properties under Management (3 of 50)

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New South Wales

Grain and Sheep

Situated approx. 40kms north of Wagga Wagga NSW, Glenowen was purchased in 2012. The property has been leased to the Leahy family for 6 years. They run a mixed farming operation on the property consisting of cereal crop, oilseed, fat lamb and wool production. The property has become an integral part of the Leahy family’s farming operations.

Yield5.2 %
Size (Acres)893

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Waverley Park


Grain and Cattle

Situated approx. 35 kms East of Goondiwindi, just north of the NSW/Queensland border, Waverley Park was purchased in 2011. Waverley Park has been leased to the Robertson family for 7 years. They grow a combination of winter and summer crops as well as running a beef cattle herd. The property is strategically located next door to a major cattle feedlot.

Yield5.4 %
Size (Acres)921

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Glen Idol

Western Australia

Grain and Sheep

Situated north of Pingrup in the Western Australian wheat belt, Glenidol is a large scale mixed farm. The property was purchased in 2018 and is leased being run as a cropping and wool enterprise. The main crop grown on Glenidol is barley, and merino ewes are bred for wool. The operation is very low risk. The rainfall is low compared to our properties on the east coast

Yield5.3 %
Size (Acres)3'604

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The Miller and James Difference

Our reputation is based on three factors


50 Farms under management And a powerful network to:
  • Solid farm pipeline
  • Network of farmers
  • Relationships with accountants
  • Relationships with solicitors


150'000 Acres under management Managed by expertise in:
  • Understanding of soils and climate
  • Knowledge of farm values
  • Due diligence track record
  • Understanding what's a good tenant


100 $ Million portfolio Clients trust originate from:
  • Low cost base
  • Transparent Fees
  • Economies of scale
  • Client returns
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